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Elegantly written, thoughtful and often amusing, Business Organizations analyzes the law of business organizations: corporate law, partnership and LLC law, agency, and selected aspects of securities regulation. In clean, uncomplicated prose, the text offers a clear and thoughtful overview. Business Organizations explains the structure of the law itself, placing it within an historical context, and outlines its economic effect. Integrating basic principles of business and finance in an unintimidating, uncomplicated manner, the text engages readers who have either an elemental or a sophisticated grasp of economics. Various pedagogical features support learning and facilitate use, such as the overview in each chapter, giving an over-arching, synthetic account of the law with the details on which many instructors focus. The book propels the analysis with an extensive use of hypothetical examples. The comprehensive coverage embraces all of the principal cases in the main casebooks, and goes beyond to explain what each case decided and why it matters. The authors explores what motivated the parties' actions, and why the judges held as they did.