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Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, MD, is Professor of Medicine/Cardiology at UCLA and President of the International Society of Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health. She is the coauthor of "Zoobiquity" and "Wildhood."

Kathryn Bowers is an animal behaviorist and writer who has taught at UCLA and Harvard. A Future Tense Fellow at New America in Washington, DC, she was an editor at the Atlantic Monthly, CNN-International in London, and at Zocalo Public Square in Los Angeles. She is the coauthor of "Zoobiquity" and "Wildhood."

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"It blew my mind to discover that adolescent animals and humans are so similar...I loved this book!" -- Temple Grandin, author of "Animals Make Us Human and Animals in Translation"

A "vivid...and fascinating" (Los Angeles Times) investigation of human and animal adolescence from the New York Times bestselling authors of "Zoobiquity."

UCLA cardiology professor Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and animal behaviorist Kathryn Bowers studied thousands of wild species searching for evidence of human-like adolescence in other animals. With a groundbreaking synthesis of animal behavior, human psychology, and evolutionary biology, their research uncovered something remarkable: the same four high-stakes tests shape the destiny of every adolescent on planet Earth -- how to be safe, how to navigate social hierarchies, how to connect romantically, and how to live independently. Safety. Status. Sex. Self-reliance.

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