$129 / Quarter Flat Rate Price

Bruin One Access


UCLA's Bruin One Access program is a campus wide initiative to provide undergraduate students, taking undergraduate courses, with increased accessibility to their required textbooks, courseware, and coursepacks at a single $129 flat rate cost per quarter. In most cases, course materials are provided digitally, directly through students' Bruin Learn course websites. Coming Fall 2024 from the Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA), the program aims to improve student outcomes, reduce costs, and increase sustainability while providing increased access to required course materials. The information below provides details on how the program works, benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Check back often for the latest information as we approach Fall Quarter 2024.

How Bruin One Access works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3MtMm00o8s

Affordability & Value

Bruin One Access sets a predictable flat rate cost for all your required course materials that won't vary based on the marketplace, your major, or the number of enrolled courses each quarter. The program's goal is to provide all your required course materials at the lowest price possible.


UCLA's quarter system is fast paced! Students no longer have to worry about falling behind as they shop for course materials and wait for deliveries. Bruin One Access takes the stress out of acquiring required course materials, ensuring you have all the right materials on day-one of class. The program provides most materials digitally, right through your Bruin Learn course website.

Supports Academic Success

Few things negatively impact student success more than not having all the tools needed to succeed. Traditionally, students must pick and choose which required course materials to acquire and when they can afford to obtain them. This puts students behind and at a disadvantage with their peers. Bruin One Access seeks to eliminate that obstacle, ensuring that each student has access to all their required course materials, so they can start their studies right away. Having materials digitally ensures students have access to the latest tools and functionality not contained in print textbooks, all while using their existing digital devices.

Supporting UCLA's Sustainability Efforts

The vast majority of Bruin One Access course materials are provided digitally, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of producing tens of thousands of printed textbooks and shipping them back and forth to publishers across the country or even across the world. This results in a significant environmental impact related to transportation alone, beyond that of simply producing a printed textbook. Going digital significantly reduces the carbon footprint of course materials. The UCLA Store is further working with our primary digital partner, VitalSource, to achieve a carbon neutral course materials program.

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How it works
By the first day of class, digital materials will be accessible through Bruin Learn. Students will be notified where to pick up any required print materials.

Frequently Asked Questions
Bruin One Access will evolve as we near our Fall 2024 launch date. Please review the list of Student and Faculty FAQs for details on our program.

Get Help
View a list of campus, publisher, and UCLA Store support resources and contacts.